Enle TWS wireless bluetooth earbuds wireless earbuds best

Enle TWS wireless bluetooth earbuds wireless earbuds best

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Now wireless bluetooth earphones are more and more popular. Whether walking on the subway or sitting on the bus, we can find that more and more friends rely on wireless bluetooth earphones to listen to songs, watch dramas, and even make calls. Especially in the city, the application of Bluetooth technology is more extensive, and the connection all the time is almost inevitable. Among them, high-resolution codecs promote the transmission of good sound quality in streaming audio, which makes wireless headphones significantly more portable and practical. www.bjbjaudio.com

With the increasing number of wireless earphones on the market, that means we have a lot of options when it comes to choosing wireless Bluetooth earphones. With so many brands and models to choose from, choosing the right pair of wireless headphones for your needs can become a daunting task. www.bjbjaudio.com

How to choose the right wireless bluetooth headset?
1. How much does it cost?
As a general rule of thumb, the higher the price, the better the audio quality. We can get a reasonable earphone for less than 100 yuan, but if we want a good wireless earphone, we need to pay more than 100 yuan. Cheap headphones often omit important features including active noise cancellation, are less likely to support higher-resolution codecs, and aren't as high-quality build.
2. Is it comfortable to wear?
A large number of earphones these days tend to use silicone ear tips, which seal the ear canal and better hold the ear tips in the ear. They also have the advantage of offering better passive noise reduction. Manufacturers usually offer a range of ear tips in different sizes to ensure a more comfortable and stable fit for the user.
3. How important is the Bluetooth version?
Wireless bluetooth headphones work through a bluetooth connection. With each new Bluetooth version, the connection becomes more stable, and the wireless range and bandwidth of the data transfer speed through the connection will also increase. Bluetooth version 5.2 was announced at CES in January 2020, but only a few headphones support this version of the technology. The newer the better, but any headphones that use Bluetooth 4.2 or above will suffice for casual listening.
4. Which audio codecs are supported?
Codecs determine how Bluetooth transmits information to our devices. The SBC codec is common across almost all devices and works well, but it is possible to listen to higher resolution audio through codecs such as Apple's favored AAC, or Qualcomm's aptx, aptx HD, or aptx auto Adapt codec.
5. Does it support making and receiving phone/video calls?
All of the better wireless headphones have built-in microphones that can be used to make and receive calls when connected via Bluetooth. They're good at capturing our voices, but they don't isolate sound from ambient sounds the way your smartphone does. The number and quality of built-in microphones varies by device.
6. IP certification
Good wireless headphones have an IP rating, which reflects their ability to resist dust, water, and sweat. If you live in a humid and cold place, if it rains a lot in your place, and if you always run outdoors, then it is necessary to consider its IP waterproof, sweatproof and dustproof rating. www.bjbjaudio.com

Above, so you now know how to pick your favorite bluetooth headphones? www.bjbjaudio.com

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