How to choose a Bluetooth headphone? The most conscience of the four major purchase tricks

How to choose a Bluetooth headphone? The most conscience of the four major purchase tricks

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At present, the bluetooth headphones headsets on the market can be dazzled and dazzled. Many people don't know how to buy it? we summed up some shopping tips as follows:

First of all, what price is right?

Today, the price of sports Bluetooth headphones headsets on the market varies widely. First, we must clearly determine how much to buy. what is our targe price, Personally, for most sports enthusiasts, sports Bluetooth headsets are more of a long-term consumable. Not only does it require a sound quality. I prefer to advise you not to pursue expensive and expensive prices when choosing. Headphones, some hundreds of dollars of Bluetooth headsets can actually meet the needs, but also more worthy of entry-level consumer choice.

Second, wear must be comfortable and sturdy

For headphones, wearing comfort is the most important, otherwise the headphones will be beautiful, the sound quality is good, and will not last. It can only be a look. Today, sports Bluetooth headsets are mainly worn by ear hooks, in-ears and ring necks. Everyone has different ear shapes, different wearing habits and needs. It is recommended that you have a chance to try before you buy. Suitable for your own headphones.

Third, the sound quality is good.

Although many people say that they choose a Bluetooth headset, don't consider the sound quality, but a good sound quality earphone will let you enjoy the music better and unwittingly prolong your exercise time. Some of the headphones on the market are also optimized and upgraded, giving people a surprise.

Fourth, the waterproof level is high

Most people choose Bluetooth headsets for exercise. Bluetooth headsets are better than wired headsets, so don't worry if you sweat too much.

5.There is ANC and ENC noise-canceling headphones.

Now Active noise-canceling headphones and headsets is very popular. Most people like to use anc headphones. It is very good for sports and listen music. Enle Noise-canceling headphones can reduce around 30 db noise. With over ear structure, you will not feel paint after long time wearing. 

Whats' more, there are many different noise-canceling chip solution, the headphones price will a little bit high. Keep follow with us, we will show what is ANC noise-canceling headphones and how to use it.