how to make long battery tws earbuds

how to make long battery tws earbuds

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What's the catch for TWS? What's the most popular customer pain point?

Cable-free, hassle-free — that's why people love TWS headphones. However, they do have their limits. Consumers have also grown pickier, especially with regard to such products' Achilles heel, insufficient battery life. Frequent charging for TWS earbuds is simply inevitable, and even AirPods, one of the products with comparatively good battery life, can only sustain 5 hours of continual use on each charge, and last 24 hours in total when used in conjunction with its charging case.

So what's the difficult part in giving TWS earbuds a longer battery life?

What entails a longer battery life for TWS earbuds?

We reached out to our engineers for an answer.

Take BJBJ earbuds Choice for example, it is a smart product line within the broader smartphone ecosystem, which has recently welcomed a new member into the fold: TWS Earbuds, which purport to support up to 6 hours of continual audio on a single charge, and 24 hours battery life in total

how to make long battery tws earbuds

1. Audio SoC

Chipsets always serve as the bedrock for the performance of an electronics product. Choice's TWS Earbuds incorporate the Chinese-made smart audio chip, whose supply current fluctuated around 9 mA during testing, well above the industry average.

2. Battery design

The manufacturer opted for a button-cell 400 battery, which packs a 55 mAh capacity and an inventive cylindrical shape that allows it to leverage more of the limited space at its disposal, than prismatic cells (rectangular can design).

3. Software design

Once the earbuds have been charged to capacity in the charging case, the case then signals the earbuds to shut off, so that they don't consume additional energy. The case itself also powers off automatically once it's fully charged, to preserve the juice for when it's needed in the future.

4. ID design

The LED indicator only turns on when it's supposed to indicate status change. This milks just a little more power, to ensure that no battery charge is wasted.

Sound like the pair of long-lasting earbuds that you could have a go with?

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