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TWS Bluetooth Headset Market

Jan. 14, 2021

TWS Bluetooth headset product development has 2 main directions.

(1) Various voice application functions mainly for voice assistant.

(2) noise reduction and other functions to enhance the acoustic effect.


At present, although many headset products have support voice assistant function, but the relevant computing processing is still in the smart phone end, so if you want to strengthen such functions, or even directly on the TWS Bluetooth headset, you have to enhance the headset computing, storage and other hardware specifications.

Relatively, in the noise reduction function to enhance the part, basically need acoustic components, operating data and algorithm software, of these three, acoustic components is the TWS Bluetooth headset itself will have the parts.


In the operation part, even if the product is not equipped with a better performance of the main chip, can also be equipped with additional anti-noise control chip to provide computing performance, and the algorithm software itself does not bring an increase in hardware costs, plus the more devices used to share more costs.

Therefore, on the whole, the enhancement of the noise reduction function will not bring too much burden to the manufacturers, and in the short term, the manufacturers therefore take the noise reduction function as a product feature.

Among them, ENC (environmental noise cancellation) is through the dual microphone radio, and then use the algorithm to eliminate the environmental noise in the voice of the call, in the headset to support the smart phone call function, will be more popular in the middle and high-end products.

 Bluetooth Headset

ANC (active noise cancellation) is in the radio, through the algorithm and then send out the reverse sound waves to neutralize noise, TWS Bluetooth headset is mostly to take the hybrid ANC, its effect is better, the technical threshold and cost is also higher, so only in high-end products.

Recent noise cancellation function is the focus of manufacturers in the development of TWS Bluetooth headset, but long-term with the hardware specifications, it began to strengthen the voice assistant and related voice functions.

As for the physiological data sensing function is not impossible to carry, but taking into account the placement, volume and power consumption and other factors, to be able to carry the possibility of popularization is not very large, the market or acoustics-related application development is the main function.


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