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What Are Main Bluetooth TWS Earbuds Chip?

Jan. 22, 2021

Qualcomm  — The most difference is Qualcomm/CSR support APTX, APTX-HD, APTX-LL; Very low power consumption. Hot models are QCC3020, QCC3026 (Oppo earbuds O-free use this model), QCC5124, QCC5126 (Vivo TWS earphone use this chip);

Airoha – – A chip manufacturer from Taiwan, middle high end; Low power consumption. Hot sale models are AB1526, AB1526P (Lenovo earbuds S1 use this model ), AB1532, AB1536, it chip support  Active noise cancelling function, now, many tws earbuds manufacturers choose their chip.;

RealTek – – A chip manufacturer from Taiwan, middel high end; Airoha's competitor, Low power consumption. Hot sale models are RTL8763B, RTL877X; Xiaomi earbuds Airdots use this chip, but this chip is not so good as Airoha.

Bluetooth TWS Earbuds

Bluetrum — China company Bluetrum Technology Co.,Ltd; Also do well balance between cost and performance; The lastest model 5376 ,8836 models, it is also have active noise cancelling model. It is good at bass sound. but play time is not so long.

JL—  From China company ZhuHai JieLi Technology Co.,Ltd; Low end, but do very well balance between cost and performance. The lastest model JL 6936D is very stable and low power consumption;most China TWS earbuds Manufacturers use thus chip.


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