What is ENC Earbuds

What is ENC Earbuds

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What are Environmental Noise Cancellation earbuds? Here is everything you need to know about different types of ENC headphones and what do they do.


What is ENC Earbuds

The world is moving faster when it comes to technological advancement, especially with handy gadgets such as earphones. From thick wires to Over The Shoulder to Truly Wireless earphones, we have moved way ahead. However, what is important that they come with some interesting features such as longer battery life, touchpad, Bluetooth connectivity and more. But, currently, many buyers are wondering about "what are Environmental Noise Cancellation earbuds?" If you are wondering about the same, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.


What are Environmental Noise Cancellation earbuds?

Many buyers have been asking this question before buying any earbuds, however, the answer is quite simple. Environmental Noise Cancellation or ENC Headphones have a tendency to block external noise to help the user have a better experience. Moreover, it helps in having a better sound quality, protects the ear and much more. 


What do ENC earbuds do?

There are two types of ENC earphones, Active and Passive Environmental Noise Cancellation earphones. Now, you may ask what is the difference between the two, and what each one does. Passive ENC headphones are solely dependent on the design of the headphone. The components of a Passive ENC is that it has an earbud's rubber, sponge or pad, the design such as OTE, TWS or wired, and more. 

What is ENC Earbuds

Whereas, Active Environmental Noise Cancellation earphones also known as ANC earphones are dependent upon the technology. So, this means that an ANC earphone requires a system inside the gadget to make it work. There are various types of ANCs but they all do is stop the outside noise around the environment by detecting the important sound that should be heard. That means that sounds like roadside noises, and others get ignored, and the user does not hear it. 


As of now, there are multiple companies who are offering earphones in various models and designs with both Active and Passive ENC earphones. However, you get to choose as per the specifications such as the battery, charging, sound quality, durability and much more. So, while looking at earphones to buy it is smart to check whether or not they have an ENC system.

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