What Is The Difference Between Gaming Earphone And Normal Earphones?

What Is The Difference Between Gaming Earphone And Normal Earphones?

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The first three headsets belong to the subdivision type of music headsets, while gaming headsets are headset auxiliary peripherals tailored for e-sports games. The reason for the emergence of gaming headsets is that ordinary music headsets can no longer meet the needs of gamers, while gaming mice will design products according to the needs of players, add more functions, and help players achieve better results in the game. Good play. Let’s focus on the difference between gaming headsets and music headsets.




Earmuff design

Many players like wide and large earmuffs, because the wide earmuffs can completely wrap the ears without interference from the outside world, and be more immersed in the game. Therefore, gaming headsets are much larger than music headsets in appearance, and the cables are generally longer. The music earphones pursue simplicity, compactness, and convenient portability. Therefore, the appearance of music earphones will be more refined, the volume is relatively lighter, and the texture and design of the music earphones will also be more pursued for texture, fashion and beauty, which meets the needs of music lovers. Aesthetic needs.


Lighting Design

In order to echo the game elements, many peripheral products like to design lights to make the products more cool, such as various RGB respiratory keyboards, "Marquee" comes from this. The same is true for gaming headsets, but not all gaming headsets are designed with lighting. This design generally appears in mid-to-high-end gaming headsets. Players can set their own lighting effects, and the intensity and brightness of the lights will change accordingly with the volume of the headset. There is a feeling of being integrated with the headset, and the sense of immersion is particularly strong. In comparison, ordinary music headphones do not use such a design. After all, the positioning is different, and the use scene is different. When no one wants to listen to music quietly, the room shows rapid changes and dazzling lights. effect.


Microphone design

Gaming headsets are originally designed for games, so when playing games, headsets are naturally an indispensable communication tool. It is convenient for the team members to communicate when fighting in a team. Many gaming headsets now use USB ports, and the built-in modules require power supply. General music headphones, especially HiFi headphones, do not have a microphone, let alone a wire control. This is because the increase in headsets will affect the sound quality. The positioning of the music headset itself is to restore the sound quality to a high degree, so this design that has an impact on the sound quality of the headset cannot be tolerated in the music headset.

2、Sound effect

For gamers, especially in the FPS game type of gunfighting, it is often necessary to "listen" to identify the enemy's location, number of people, etc., so as to adopt corresponding offensive and defensive strategies. At this time, the headset not only needs to distinguish various sound effects in the game environment, but also requires relatively high sound quality for voice calls in the game.


Therefore, many manufacturers are hotly promoting the multi-channel technology of 5.1 and 7.1 channels, not only because the current mainstream games are more realistic in terms of sound effects, but also because multi-channels are more capable than the two-channel music headphones. Increase the sense of presence in the game, solve the need for sound positioning, and allow players to play better in the game.

The 5.1-channel system is composed of 5 speakers and 1 low-frequency speaker. The sound is output in five directions: left, center, right, rear left, and rear right. The sought-after 7.1-channel system is more abundant. 7.1 channels are divided into virtual 7.1 channels and physical 7.1 channels. Due to the characteristics of virtual 7.1, it is much more accurate in orientation than physical 7.1, but from the perspective of space, physical 7.1 channels are more realistic.


Most mainstream headsets on the market use virtual 7.1 channels, because the production and debugging costs are relatively lower, and the corresponding purchase costs are much cheaper than physical channel headsets, and the current channel simulation technology is very mature. , To meet the needs of players.


Music headphones can only do left and right channels, and will not simulate multiple channels. Because music headphones need to show the level of music, vocals, instruments, and scene sense. The gaming headset does not need to reflect all the high-quality high, middle and low frequencies, and even often needs to suppress the low frequencies, so that players can hear more high-frequency signals, so as to better understand the surrounding environment. There are too many low-frequency signals, and the players receive too much information, and the activities of other players will not be heard.


In addition to multi-channel technology, gaming headsets can also increase the player's immersion. In order to get more exciting and shocking effects, gaming headsets generally enhance the sound effects. The most important thing for music headphones is the sound quality and high reproduction. It pays more attention to the size adjustment of the sound, the connection of high, middle and low frequencies, and the resolution of the sound, and it pays more attention to the details of the sound, and the tiny sound can also be perceived.


As a derivative product of the headset in the gaming field, gaming headsets must sacrifice part of the sound quality in order to achieve certain specific functions. Such headsets are no longer suitable for listening to music, especially high-frequency music. Players use gaming headsets mainly to experience the liveness of the game, so gaming headsets are generally designed to be highly rendered, emphasizing the stereoscopic and immersive sense of sound. However, if it is not a professional competitive game, or playing FPS games that require listening to the position, accurate positioning is required, and ordinary headphones can already meet daily needs.


In general, music headsets and gaming headsets are positioned differently and serve different objects. The special rendering ability of gaming headsets is stronger, with accurate orientation, can provide a strong sense of presence and immersion, but the high frequency is very poor, and there is a sense of chaos when listening to concerts. Music headphones have a strong sound reduction ability, and the high, middle and low tri-band performance is balanced, which can bring a purer sound experience. The difference between the two must be clear to everyone, just choose the right headset according to your needs.