Will TWS Earphones Become Standard for Mobile Phones(Part 2)?

Will TWS Earphones Become Standard for Mobile Phones(Part 2)?

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The emergence of TWS headsets perfectly meets the needs of mobile phone manufacturers. With hot sales and super high profits, it has become the biggest profit point for mobile phone manufacturers! In addition to mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei, it can be said that it is currently one of the biggest competitors in the Bluetooth headset market.

There are already mobile phone manufacturers that use TWS headsets as standard equipment, which is the development trend of the mobile phone market. However, since TWS's own development direction is to combine the development of high-end technologies such as chips, it is a foregone conclusion that low-end models are equipped with TWS as standard. High-end mobile phones will not be equipped with TWS headsets. Instead, TWS headsets will be turned into independent products with various functions at the same time as the price of a mobile phone.

Once TWS becomes the standard configuration of mobile phones, the volume of shipments in this field will change dramatically.

The current market is: white-brand TWS headsets account for 70% of the market share, plus Apple and Android markets only account for 30% of the market share. Mobile phone manufacturers use TWS as standard equipment, which can be seen in the second quarter of this year. Changes in the entire industry chain will also be seen in the second quarter of this year, such as Bluetooth chips, accelerometers, silicon microphones, batteries, etc.

After the industry changes, TWS will be the fulcrum. Changes in the mobile phone industry are foreseeable. The Bluetooth chip will become one of the main core accessories of the counterattack, and it will also be at the forefront of changes.

The current focus of TWS product upgrades is still cost control and sound quality improvement. On the whole, the wearable functions of TWS products are expected to undergo further functional evolution in the future. High-end TWS will increase the accuracy of sensors and reduce the size. In the future, the functions of exercise status monitoring and physiological health discrimination will be strengthened, including Samsung’s first gear mix Bluetooth headset, which includes recording exercise time and distance and The function of burning calories.

Another key point is that in the future, TWS products may be integrated into the entire intelligent Internet of Things system. Recently, a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard-low power audio LEAudio was released. Future core black technologies such as high battery life, active noise reduction, auxiliary hearing assistance, hearing protection, biological monitoring, intelligent translation, and bone voiceprint recognition are also expected to continue to be provided. Can TWS headphones, the future will continue to innovate. With the booming audiobook and video market, more and more people are willing to equip their phones with TWS.

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