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Sports Wireless Earphones

How to use sports wireless headphones?

  • 1. The first step is to separate the left and right sides of the earphone. The earphone cavity will be marked with R (right) / L (left), and then the earphone cord will be wrapped around the neck.

  • 2. In the second step, hold the earphone first and put the ear cavity into the ear, and then hang the ear with your fingers, and then counterclockwise (backward) 90 degrees, you can wear it. It is also possible to hang the ear with the outer ear hook, then put the ear cavity into the ear, and finally rotate it back to adjust. The third step, after wearing the left and right sides,...

  • 3. Horn/shark fin earphones are easier to wear. Install the earplugs first. The rest is the same as general in-ear headphones.

The use of sports earphones is the same as that of ordinary bluetooth earphones. It is important to pay attention to the adjustment of the volume during outdoor sports and pay attention to the safety of use.

Sports true wireless Bluetooth headset ? Must-have for fitness professionals

With the characteristics of being compact and portable, and more intelligent in operation, true wireless Bluetooth headsets have become an artifact for many friends to listen to songs during daily exercise.

Now many manufacturers have launched a lot of professional sports true wireless Bluetooth headsets specifically for the sports environment.

We at Enle have also made professional sports headphones for many athletes.

Enle wireless Bluetooth headset has high comfort and Bluetooth stability, and can provide you with continuous music output during exercise.

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